Our Directors

Lily is a co-founder and senior partner of Lily Fenn & Partners (“LFP”), Solicitors and Notaries, in Hong Kong. With 31 years of post-qualification experience and expertise gained from private practice in Hong Kong and specializing in wide ranging causes of action in civil litigation and international arbitration throughout, Lily is now Head of Litigation of LFP.

She is a Solicitor of the High Court of Hong Kong and the Supreme Court of England and Wales, Solicitor and Barrister of the Australian Capital Territory, Solicitor and Advocate of Singapore.  She celebrated the 30th anniversary of her legal practice in Hong Kong in March 2014.

Lily is also one of those very few legal practitioners with rare experience and expertise in handling appeals to the Privy Council and the Court of Final Appeal in Hong Kong in complex litigation involving substantial amounts or with great general and public importance, and in significant international arbitrations involving cross-border and multi-jurisdictional commercial disputes. 

Lily has handled sizable contentious probate actions, commercial disputes, fraud, banking litigation, land disputes, aircraft accident investigations, aviation disputes, land and construction disputes, personal injury cases, negligence, various heads of torts, breach of contracts, assessment of damages, and the like.

In addition to the law degrees, Lily has completed her Master’s degree in Aviation (MAv) which covers International Air and Space Law, Air Safety and Aircraft Accident Investigation, Management of Aviation Regulatory and Safety Systems, Aviation Strategic Management, Aviation Research Methods, Human Factors for Professional Aviation and the like.  The Master’s degree was granted to her in June 2008 by Massey University, New Zealand.  She pilots both fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters and holds corresponding Private Pilot Licences and type endorsements.

Given her knowledge and experience in aviation since 1995, Lily provides professional legal advice and services in handling applications for scheduled flight route licensing and applications to the civil aviation regulatory body in Hong Kong for Air Operator’s Certificate and all related regulations and requirements, sale and purchase of aircraft, aircraft financing and leasing, registration, security and enforcement, aircraft accident investigation, aviation offences, aviation related claims and Court proceedings.

Lily has written a book entitled “Aircraft Accident Investigation: Human Factors and Legal Challenge” based on her research which was published in November 2008 to raise funds for charities.

In this book, various analytical human factors tools are examined and considered in relation to their potential contribution to challenging the merits of accident investigative reports.  In addition, the legal aspects of these reports are also examined to determine how extant legislation and common law could be applied to challenge the reports on the basis of law and procedure.

The human factors analysis tools are particularly useful to any organizations in high risk industries for the self-diagnosis of their own safety standard, and to identify the latent errors whose adverse consequences may lie dormant within the system for some time, they would only become evident when they combine with others to breach the system’s defences.

It helps insurers play a role in assisting the insured in high risk industries in assessing their safety standards, identifying latent errors in their safety systems in using the methods and tools for accident causation analysis discussed in this book.  As a result, the number of claims could be much reduced.

The different methods and tools are generalized and applicable to almost any kinds of accident.

This study employs two disciplines, namely, aviation human factors and a comparative analysis of relevant legal provisions in Hong Kong and in major Commonwealth jurisdictions (such as the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and Canada) with respect to domestic law, public international law and comparative law.

Lily is probably the first lawyer in Asia, if not the world, who has written a book on this special topic.

Lily is one of the co-authors of the book entitled “Doing Business in Hong Kong and Investing in Mainland China” published in March 2014, targeting foreign investors, potential investors or businessmen planning to set up their business or Asian headquarters in Hong Kong, and tap into the market of Hong Kong and Mainland China.  It covers the following areas:


  1. Doing Business in Hong Kong : The Gateway to Mainland China
  2. Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (“CEPA”) : Springboard to China Market
  3. Setting Up Investment Vehicles in Mainland China
  4. Summary of Hong Kong Legal System
  5. Highlights of the New Companies Ordinance, Cap. 622
  6. Trademark, Copyright, Design and Patent Protection in Hong Kong and Mainland China
  7. International Arbitration : Why Hong Kong ?


Lily was granted Doctor of Laws, Honoris Causa, by Armstrong University in California and the World Outstanding Chinese Award ( 世界傑出華人獎 ) on the 11th February 2007 in recognition of her many achievements.





◊  Bachelor of Laws, University of Hong Kong, 1981

◊  Post-graduate certificate in Laws, University of Hong Kong, 1982

◊  Doctor of Laws (Hon.), Armstrong University, California, 2007

◊  Master of Aviation, Massey University, New Zealand, 2008

◊  Solicitor of the High Court of Hong Kong since 1984

◊  Member of the Law Society of Hong Kong since 1984

◊  Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales since 1988

◊  Solicitor & Barrister of Australian Capital Territory, Australia, since 1989

◊  Solicitor and Advocate of the Republic of Singapore since 1991



  • Deputy Chairman of the Review Body on Bid Challenges (under WTO GPA and CEPA)
  • Past Deputy Chairman of the Appeal Board under Product Eco-responsibility Ordinance, Cap. 603
  • Past Panel Member of the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal
  • Past Chairman of the Appeal Tribunal (Buildings)
  • Past Panel Member of the Immigration Tribunal